In the millennium, there was a research from Robert Waldinger that asked some people “What is the most important life goal?”. Then, they answered “work” and over 80% said that the major life goal for them was to get rich and another 50% adult and young adult said another major life goal was to became famous.

We realize that nowadays, more people work harder to achieve more. Unfortunately, the results are deep stress, lack of relationship, and poor health. Whereas, the life would more attractive if we life balance.

Sahabat Senyum - Good RelationshipLife balance means having a good life. Robert Waldinger also told his result about the key of good life, after 75 years had a research that the secret of good life is a good relationship. Good relationship means our social connection, such as with our family, friends, and community. The research born out that people who have a good connection could become happier, healthier, and life longer.

So,  I conclude that the good life is build with good relationship.


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