Data from Central Bureau Statistics of Indonesia recorded that at 2011, 90 million children are currently 0-19 years old. So, at 2045 they are 34-53 years old. The productive age population of Indonesia reaches its peak. Indonesia will be referred to as “Indonesia Emas 2045”. The children will become our leader.

In fact, nowadays Indonesian children’s condition is very worrying. Semai 2045 movement says that they are BLAST. BLAST means Bored, Lonely, Affraid, Angry, and Tired. Yayasan Kita Buah Hati (YKBH) at 2014 recorded that, 93 of 100 student in elementary school have accessed pornography, 135 Indonesian children became victims of violence each month, sexual abuse occured in 19 provinces, Incest case occured in 23 provinces.

Gold Generation, Indonesia Emas 2045 that would serve proper leader for our country. How it could be? The children are BLAST, dear.

BLAST, I felt it too when I was in elementary school age. I was such a smart student. I was the first rank in the first grade until six grade, constantly. I selected to be classmate leader in my elementary and madrasah. I asked to represent the school in mathematic, science, and social competitions. I was such a good santri in my madrasah, too. Sadly, my peers in madrasah (my village) bullied me physical and mental. They hit me, attack my spine with her leg when I rejected to cheating in the exam, they hide my cycle, and others. They also tease me that “I am smart because of DUKUN”.

Then, I tend to enjoyed myself. I created my own activities such as: made a craft, wrote, watched the sky, prayed, and sometimes cried. That’s my actions for got my own happiness at that time.

I won’t children lonely facing this cruel and challanging conditions. They really need soulmate like I absolutely needed partner at that time (also, now). Growing happiness habits to the children is really urgent movement. We need to accompany the children take actions to enjoy “what the way they are”, have fun activities, how to loving and be loved, how to caring and sharing, collaboration, and others. Then, the children could be BEST. BEST means Behave, Emphatic, Smart, and Tough.


“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from our own actions” that’s Dalai Lama said. Ladies and gantleman, Let’s action, action, and action! Change BLAST to be BEST, right now! Because “the children” that I told to you are us and our next generation.

With love,
Dwi Rahmah Hidayati


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