Data from Central Bureau Statistics of Indonesia recorded that at 2011, 90 million children are currently 0-19 years old. So, at 2045 they are 34-53 years old. The productive age population of Indonesia reaches its peak. Indonesia will be referred to as “Indonesia Emas 2045”. The children will become our leader.

In fact, nowadays Indonesian children’s condition is very worrying. Semai 2045 movement says that they are BLAST. BLAST means Bored, Lonely, Affraid, Angry, and Tired. Yayasan Kita Buah Hati (YKBH) at 2014 recorded that, 93 of 100 student in elementary school have accessed pornography, 135 Indonesian children became victims of violence each month, sexual abuse occured in 19 provinces, Incest case occured in 23 provinces.

Gold Generation, Indonesia Emas 2045 that would serve proper leader for our country. How it could be? The children are BLAST, dear.

BLAST, I felt it too when I was in elementary school age. I was such a smart student. I was the first rank in the first grade until six grade, constantly. I selected to be classmate leader in my elementary and madrasah. I asked to represent the school in mathematic, science, and social competitions. I was such a good santri in my madrasah, too. Sadly, my peers in madrasah (my village) bullied me physical and mental. They hit me, attack my spine with her leg when I rejected to cheating in the exam, they hide my cycle, and others. They also tease me that “I am smart because of DUKUN”.

Then, I tend to enjoyed myself. I created my own activities such as: made a craft, wrote, watched the sky, prayed, and sometimes cried. That’s my actions for got my own happiness at that time.

I won’t children lonely facing this cruel and challanging conditions. They really need soulmate like I absolutely needed partner at that time (also, now). Growing happiness habits to the children is really urgent movement. We need to accompany the children take actions to enjoy “what the way they are”, have fun activities, how to loving and be loved, how to caring and sharing, collaboration, and others. Then, the children could be BEST. BEST means Behave, Emphatic, Smart, and Tough.


“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from our own actions” that’s Dalai Lama said. Ladies and gantleman, Let’s action, action, and action! Change BLAST to be BEST, right now! Because “the children” that I told to you are us and our next generation.

With love,
Dwi Rahmah Hidayati


Negeri Bahagia

Acara di Negeri Bahagia

Selamat datang di negeri bahagia 🙂

Sebuah “diksi” dari perjalanan panjang yang cukup melelahkan. Melewati bukit kesedihan dan kebahagiaan, menyusuri sungai keraguan dan keyakinan, mendaki gunung harapan dan kekecewaan. Dua puluh tiga tahun, dan akhirnya aku semakin dekat kepadanya. Petualangan ke Negeri Bahagia akan dimulai dari sebuah sudut teras rumah, di desa kecil bernama Kerjen, kecamatan Srengat, kabupaten Blitar. InsyaAllah..

Dengan penuh harapan dan suka cita, kuajak kalian anak-anakku, teman, dan keluargaku.. untuk ikut mengukir senyum, bahagia, dan makna di Negeri Bahagia kita (masing-masing). Terima dan sambutlah acara pertama kami yang bertema, “Menumbuhkan Kebiasaan Anak Bahagia”.

Bentuk Kegiatan ini ada 2 yaitu:

  1. Ngabuburit ke Negeri Bahagia 
    “Menumbuhkan 7 Kebiasaan Anak Bahagia di Bulan Ramadhan” melalui dongeng, menggambar, dan mewarna.
    Waktu: 15.30 – 17.00 WIB
    Juni 2017 (tanggal 11, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19, dan 23)
    Tempat: Teras Rumah Bapak Sadjijat RT 01 RW 01 Kecamatan Srengat
    Kabupaten Blitar, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
    Poster Ngabuburit ke Negeri Bahagia 2017 Bag 1
  2. Kemenangan di Negeri Bahagia 
    Sebuah ajang gelar karya tentang “Kebiasaan Anak Bahagia”
    Waktu: 25-30 Juni 2017
    Tempat: Teras Rumah Bapak Sadjijat RT 01 RW 01 Kecamatan Srengat
    Kabupaten Blitar, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
    Kemenangan di Negeri Bahagia

Mohon doa restu dan partisipasinya. Semoga segala sesuatu yang sedang kami usahakan mampu memberi manfaat dan “membahagiakan” sekitar. Aamiiin {()}

Salam Bahagia,
Dwi Rahmah Hidayati


In the millennium, there was a research from Robert Waldinger that asked some people “What is the most important life goal?”. Then, they answered “work” and over 80% said that the major life goal for them was to get rich and another 50% adult and young adult said another major life goal was to became famous.

We realize that nowadays, more people work harder to achieve more. Unfortunately, the results are deep stress, lack of relationship, and poor health. Whereas, the life would more attractive if we life balance.

Sahabat Senyum - Good RelationshipLife balance means having a good life. Robert Waldinger also told his result about the key of good life, after 75 years had a research that the secret of good life is a good relationship. Good relationship means our social connection, such as with our family, friends, and community. The research born out that people who have a good connection could become happier, healthier, and life longer.

So,  I conclude that the good life is build with good relationship.


Sahabat Senyum - PotensiHuman living in this world bringing their own job from God. It is shaped in our inside motivation called “Passion”. Having a job suitable with our passion makes us preferring to staying in one job. But, some people are making a move in the job, too. Each has own benefits that would be discuss in this short essay.

Staying in the same job for life could give people focus and effective method to become an expert. Career’s level was clear and we would have stable salary, the guarantee of pension, too. Moreover, if we work with passion totally, the happiness would complete you and keep us staying. It is related with Confucius quotes that inspire us to “find a job that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”.

On the other hand, in this modern era we could consider to making a move to the other job. Change the job could gain our experiences. Of course, it is really interesting and challenging, too. We should learn new lessons, met the different problems, and finally have new skills. Consequently, sometimes we could not depend the pension and health insurance. Because of no guarantee, we must have extra struggle to adds up the financial foundation.

Sahabat Senyum - Anak Indonesia Berani Jujur Hebat

In addition, I suggest you to ask your self “what a job that you love and makes you happy in your life”, hear the voice from your deep soul, do what’s valuable and do that with your best. “Give the world the best you have, and the best will come to you”, (Madeline Bridge).


countryside vs big city

“The principles of living greatly include the capacity to face trouble with courage, disappointment with cheerfulness, and trial with humility”.

Thomas S. Monson said that to have an adorable living, we should courage to face trouble, disappointment, and keep try. Some people in the world, particularly in the countryside always try to solve their living’s problem through urbanization. This essay discuss about the reasons of urbanization, demerits of city life, and pedestrian areas as a part of solution for better cities.

In general, cities are perceived as places where one could have a better life, because of better opportunities, higher salaries, better services, and better lifestyles. For example, there is a greater variety of public area such as theme parks, museums, hospitals, and a better quality of education. Because of the complete facilities, there is high populations in the city.

In spite of that, life in the big cities has its demerits. There are too much people. The crowded cities added to the traffic congestion. Then, the cost of living is higher than in the countryside. Sometimes, it is can be extremely stressful. Above all, if the urban people are untrained people and no one companies accept their applications. The big problem with side effects will be happen, increase of unemployment, poverty, and then cause the crime.

Good innovations turn up from the government with the partners. They develop pedestrian zones in city centre. It can improve the local environment that safer and more attractive for the residents. Also, the walk and cycle culture should be regularly, so the citizen could be healthier.

In addition, the major reason people in the countryside escape to the cities because they want better quality of living. The negatives of living in the city are the over population, traffic jump, high living cost, poverty, and crime. Pedestrian is one of the effective ways to create safer and more attractive places for the societies.


Written by: Dwi Rahmah Hidayati


big familyCaring for elderly people is long lasting responsibility of families. Some families caring for elderly people in the residential homes. They believe that it is provide a professional service for senior citizens, so it is will better than caring by family members. Another reason is the family members have full time job that only could caring the old people partly.

In contrary, some families care the old people themselves because they have more time in the home. For those of families believe that caring the old parent is dedication as son or daughter to parent that never be replaced. We should give the old people a good service to achieve a good life. Moreover, in this occasion, the governments also take a role. They build several city parks to give an enjoyable places for old people such as in city of Malang and Bandung.

I conclude that the best form of care for the elderly people is depends on the family situation such as about the time resources, moral values, and costs.


Written by: Dwi Rahmah Hidayati
April, 2017



Today, family is breakable easily and divorce is more socially acceptable. The study said that interference of family members, fiancial issues, and lack of communication were among some of the biggest factors of divorce.

Divorce is a hard phase of human life and I believe that no one really accept roomily. Dr. Sanaa Ashour, assistant professor at Al Khwarizmi International College said that women suffer emotionally more than men. Men get over divorce quickly and can easily remarry in a few months after their divorce, while it is harder for women to cope with her new life after divorce.

romantic parent

Because of the pain of divorce, also we understand that God really hate it, and the children will become a victim. We must prevent it and start to think how to forming the harmonious family. It means that couple should have a good relationship. Have a romantic date regularly is needed during the marriage. They could sharing and discussing calmly and lovely that shows the good communication.

I standly belive that the couple could become happier, healthier, and life longer.


Written by: Dwi Rahmah Hidayati
April, 2017



Today, many parents go to parenting consultants or psychologist agencies. They beef about their children and many kind of family’s problems. They have no idea how their children spend their time, or they can not be close with their children. Moreover, sometimes the children influenced by peer pressure and some of them join gangs.

familyActually, parents themselves could solve the problems and change for better condition. They should be more involved with their children’s upbringing. Give the children quality time to build the bonding such as telling stories, eating together, outing and playing together.

It is better that parents could become the closest friend for their children. Even so, the parents should become positive role models for children.

In addition, sometimes parents need consultancy the family and children’s problem to parenting consultants or psychologist, but they should solve the problem totally themselves. It is important that parent could become the children’s friend and idol.


Written by: Dwi Rahmah Hidayati
April, 2017


360-View-Family-Leave-NodequeueIn this rapidly era, both parents often work full time. Because of their business, some parents have less time with their children. The bad results are possibly happen such as children and their parents seem to be less close, children may be left alone or with nannies, children spend more time with friends or surfing the internet without superintendence.

working-parent-cartoonOn the other hand, there are some parents whose work full time but they have a good family and children. They have special strategies to keep their family interactions run well: (1) Parents try to keep in touch with their children although they are in the difference place by technology such as WhatsApp video call, Skype, and others; (2) Parents give away their quality time with children such as breakfast together, sharing and discussing together, have bed time to telling stories with children, or picnic in the weekend; also (3) Parents keep observe and carry out the children’s development with proportional appreciation.

I belive that no matter the parents should work full time, so long as they give the quality time and good parenting to the children, their family and children will be fine.


Written by: Dwi Rahmah Hidayati
April, 2017


“All children in this world is our children” – My Psychology Perspective 😀 

Harmonious family who has a goal and plan to have children is needed by every single couple. There are two types of family, small and large family. Each form of family is followed by reasons.

The small family style commonly was taken by hard worker couples that have fewer time to their family. Also, the weak of economic foundation is the serious consideration. Nowadays, many families are facing the high cost of education, health insurance, and other basic needs for the children. Wisely, they tend to have fewer children that hopefully give them better live and brighter future.

Despitefully, some people believe that “children for luck”. It means that have many children could makes them achieve more fortune in life. It is possible to the families which have strong economic foundation. Further, it is desirable for the families who have a few members. They think it is will be prospected for their grandparents phase that many members of their large family would caring them.

In addition, we should understand our conditions and capabilities while decide to have family, small or large family.


Written by: Dwi Rahmah Hidayati
March, 2017